Los Angeles or BUST!

Posted in At first, Uncategorized with tags on January 12, 2010 by jdm1316

So moving to L.A. with $36 to my name probably wasn’t the best idea.  I was another one of your “typical” Hollywood hopeful with stars in my eyes and the dream of success.

After my first two subpar weeks in Los Angeles I was homeless.  Eventually I hooked up with a girl I met over the internet and thankfully, she invited me to stay with her.  So I slept on the floor, alongside her, in a house filled with random Koreans.   This can only get better, so I thought.

After a month, I had managed to save up enough money to get my own “chic” place.  I rented a cobweb infested room in an ancient 14 bedroom house in the middle of the hood with a weirdo, I think perverted, male owner.  I mean c’mon, the house was all girls with a male owner who stayed in the basement.  I still think he had hidden cameras to spy on us to feed his perverted needs.  Maybe my imagination was on overload but something was up.

This pretty much sums up my first year.  Jumping from place to place and working temp jobs (office jobs that usually last more longer than a week).  The worst!

So where am I today?  Unemployed.  Laid off of a new job that I had for 9 glorious days!      Don’t get me wrong.  I did have my moments I was living in the sun.  I’ve gotten to travel, had the opportunity to meet damn near every person you see on television, went to exclusive events with A-list celebs, and attended several award shows.  I’m still wondering how I managed to pull that one off.

Hollywood, of course, is not all glitz and glamour.  It is a very real place surrounded by a world of plastic.  Do you get that?  It is a place where your dreams have the possibility of getting shattered right before your eyes if you are not careful.

Lesson learned: Bring some damn money, a game plan and a back up plan if your moving across country by yourself.